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What are all white snus?

All white snus

All white snus is washed, portioned tobacco with nicotine. Available in dry and wet forms, with the dry taking a little longer to kick in than wet forms, but having the added benefit of not becoming runny. Black portions are the same as white portions but differently coloured. All white is a step further from white snus, a type of snus created in the 1980s with less tobacco. All white snus comes with a reduced tobacco content ratio and is usually packaged dry, the ratio of tobacco to other additives in all-white snus can be controlled so the strength of the portion can be chosen according to personal preferences.

All white snus is a recent innovation inspired by its predecessor and uses a lot less tobacco, which means reduced smoky flavouring and intensity.

Still, due to this, it can be flavoured. It also released less ‘juice’ so it isn’t quite as strong. A big benefit of all white snus is it has a reduced smell of tobacco from the user’s mouth. An excellent Alternative for users trying to quit or are just trying to find something more discreet and easier to use in a social setting or perhaps in the workplace.

All snus tastes smoky except for white snus, which usually has a mint flavour. Original snus tastes like tobacco, New white snus can be mixed with regular snus to give a smoky, tobacco flavor plus added flavoring like whiskey, bergamot, licorice and mint. All White Snus have no teeth-staining effect and almost no tobacco odour; it is therefore preferred over regular Snus by users who want to use Snus more frequently but are concerned about adverse effects or users who wish to be as discreet as possible. The reduced Tobacco content is also better for the user’s health, exposing him or her to less tobacco, which decreases the risk of tobacco-associated health risks such as cancer. 

White snus is created by “washing” tobacco, which gets rid of its colour and a signature amount of its odour; the more the tobacco is washed, the whiter but also weaker it becomes. It is due to this that regular strong loose snus users do not like the prospect of white snus, however for those trying to quit smoking or snus, all white is an excellent option to reduce overall cravings. 

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