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    History of Killa Nicopods

    Killa Nicopods are a Danish invention that N.G.P. has manufactured since 2016. They are one of the first nicotine pouches designed to help users quit smoking whilst achieving the same level of nicotine satisfaction. 

    The inspiration for these Killa Nicotine Pouches was taken from the snus packets that were popular in Denmark then; however, they wanted to make them more appealing and stylish while not compromising on quality or precision - hence their Nordic sense of style!

    Created by a Danish company, N.G.P., in 2016, the company is known for its high-quality, precision-made products and wanted to bring this quality to the nicotine industry.

    Nordic design is characterized by simplicity and functionality, two of the main features of the Killa Nicopods. The product was first introduced in Denmark but has since been exported worldwide.

    Nordic countries are known for their emphasis on style and quality when making goods, be it alcohol or fishnets. So Killa Nicopods is not light-hearted in delivering nothing less than an iconic Danish product you crave! Inspired by the natural beauty of Denmark, these pouches will refresh your outdoor leisure with new passion and energy.

    Killa Nicopods revolutionized nicotine consumption by integrating a Swedish sense of style, quality, and precision - securing a premium position in the European nicotine industry.

    What's behind our success? Our ability to innovate at speed and compete swiftly with the behemoths of the tobacco market is key company driver- having expanded to more than 20 countries globally!

    We, SL Commerce LTD (Killa Store UK), are leading the sale and distribution in the United Kingdom as its sole official distributor.

    About Killa

    Killa Nicopods are designed to help you quit smoking by giving you a nicotine hit in size and form that's easier to use than traditional cigarettes.

    - Available in 3 different product lines: KILLA dry, KILLA classic, KILLA niclab

    - Perfect for those who enjoy nicotine but want to remove tobacco from their life

    - Made from the finest ingredients 

    - Available in mini, extra large, and classic sizes for on-the-go or for when you need a quick nicotine fix

    KILLA Classic

    Killa Classic Nicopods are the most popular nicotine pouch currently on the market. They are an excellent option for those looking for a classic, original, best-tasting nicotine pouch. These pouches were the first Killa Line of Products to offer powerful nicotine.

    These are the best-tasting and original nicotine pouches on the market. These pouches have a robust and fantastic taste and are perfect for those who want to quit smoking.


    About Killa Classic:

    Portion size: 0.8g Nicotine content: 16mg/gram 

    12.8mg of nicotine per serving 

    60% humidity 

    20 pc. Portion per Can


    Killa Classic presents a range of flavours, such as:

    KILLA Frosted Mint

    KILLA Grape Ice

    KILLA Strawberry Cheesecake

    KILLA Strawberry Lychee

    KILLA Mango Ice

    KILLA Bubblegum

    Killa 13

    Killa Ice Frosted

    Killa Spearmint

    The ultimate one-stop shop for a sweet, cool, refreshing nicotine experience.

    The Dry line of Killa Nicopods offers the most popular flavour combinations that'll keep the taste buds cheering for more. This is the perfect place to let your palette run wild!⁣⁣ Get ahead of the bestseller list and indulge in our fresh, fruity blends.⁣⁣

    So much choice. So much fun. 

    About Killa Dry: 

    Net weight of contents: 16g 

    Individual Pouch weight: 0.6g 

    16 mg/gram of nicotine 

    Nicotine Content per Serving: 8 mg 

    20 portions per can


    The KILLA DRY has five flavours: Banana Ice, Blueberry, Frosted Mint, Cold Mint, and Watermelon.


    Killa Dry


    The Mini product line of Killa Nicopods are a new flagship product line of the KILLA Brand of Nicopods. As the name suggests, they are small pouches that fit discreetly under the lip and are an innovative way to enjoy nicotine. Being incredibly portable and pocket friendly, you can sneak them anywhere and use them whenever you desire. The flagship Mini product line comes with five fantastic flavours: Banana Ice, but Killa also offers Blueberry, Cold Mint, Frosted Mint, and Mango Ice. 

    Make no mistake, these pouches are small. Yet, they release a powerful nicotine kick. Choose cautiously, definitely not for the light-hearted. They come in different flavours and sizes, so you can find the one that best suits your taste!


    About Killa Mini Nicopods:

    Net weight of contents: 16g 

    Weight of pouch: 0.5g 

    The nicotine content per gram is 16 mg, containing 8 mg of each pouch. 

    30 portions per can

    This brand of Killa Nicopods products offers a gentle nicotine sensation. 

    Each pouch has between 4mg-5mg of nicotine.

    It suits individuals wanting to quit smoking but would like to continue enjoying a mild nicotine sensation.

    The KILLA Niclab Flash is perfect for people wanting to control how much nicotine they consume daily. 

    The products are:

    ●       100% tobacco free

    ●       Contain sweet, scented flavours

    ●       Made of 100% premium ingredients.

    ●       Does not contain tar or any harmful chemicals.

    ●       Sugar and caffeine free.

    ●       Comes in different flavours.

    ●       Lab-tested


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