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Frequently Asked

How does the Buy 3, Get 1 Free promotion work?

As per the offer, every time you add 4 products to the cart, the item with the lower price becomes free when the coupon B3G4 is applied.

Our Shipping Policy


We assure you that our products are up to date and compliant with UK Law and health regulations. From the moment the package is shipped, we are no longer responsible for your order. If there are any issues regarding the product, please get in touch with us at, and we will do our best to help you!


How Old Do I Need To Be To Place An Order?

To order products from our shop, you have to be of legal age in the destination country and at least 18 years old. Since 18 is the legal age in the United Kingdom, the latter is a rule that applies to all our customers.

Orders & Delivery

When Will My Order Arrive?

What If I Have Not Received My Product?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation, and you can also view in the Order History of your customer account.

Please contact us via our WhatsApp chat available on the website with your order number and registered phone number.

About Order Tracking ID [1st Class Shipments]

The tracking number provided for 1st class shipments is actually a reference number and not a full-fledged tracking number. It serves as a reference for monitoring the shipment's progress but doesn't offer detailed tracking information.

What Should I Do If My Nicotine Pouches Take Longer to Arrive Than Expected?

If your nicotine pouches are delayed, please contact your shipping service using your tracking number or reference number from Royal Mail or DHL to inquire about the package's location.


We sincerely endeavour to ensure the timely delivery of all shipments to our valued customers. Rest assured, we are committed to resolving any delays and providing the best possible support throughout the process. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work together to ensure your satisfaction.

What Should I Do If I've Entered the Wrong Address When Placing an Order?

If it's within 3 hours of placing the order, we can still change the address for shipment. Please exercise caution when entering your order information to ensure that the autofill feature has accurately inputted the correct postcode, etc.

What is the 24 & 48 Hour Delivery Option?

Our 24 & 48 Hour Delivery option ensures lightning-fast shipping for your orders. When you choose this option, you'll receive a tracking code to monitor your package's progress. Please note that delivery times are specified in business days. So, if you're looking for quick and reliable delivery, this is the perfect choice for you!

Can My Nicotine Pouches Be Discreetly Left in a Place Where Nobody Can See I Received the Package?

While we understand this request is often made, we are unable to accommodate it. We may assume such requests are made by underage individuals and may hesitate to fulfil orders with these types of inquiries.


What is your refund policy?

How long before I get my refund?

We offer a 100% refund if we cannot fulfill your order.

Your refund should be processed within 2-5 working days to the same payment method the order was made with. 

About nicotine 

How Should I Use My Nicotine Pouches?

Are Nicotine Pouches a Good Alternative to Quit Smoking?

Refer to our blog section for a guide on using nicotine pouches. Make sure to check that you are of legal age and avoid keeping the pouch in your mouth for an extended period initially.

Yes and no. The best way to quit smoking is to quit altogether, rather than replacing it with another substance. However, when used correctly, nicotine pouches can offer a less harmful alternative to smoking.

Are the products you sell Snus?

Although many people refer to nicotine pouches as Snus, they are not the same. Snus is a moist tobacco pouch used similarly to nicotine pouches, leading to the confusion between the two.

Can I Take Nicotine Pouches on a Plane or Ship?

Yes, it is legal to bring nicotine pouches on a plane, providing a convenient way to consume nicotine while traveling.

What nicotine pouches are best for beginners?

In general, opting for a lower nicotine dose can minimise initial discomfort. We recommend starting with a lower dose and limiting the time the pouch is kept in the mouth for the first few uses.

"Kick the habit, go Smokeless with our Nicotine Pouches!"

At Killa Store, we pride ourselves on the quality of our nicotine pouches. Using only the finest raw materials and cutting-edge technology, we create smoke-free, tobacco-free products that provide a satisfying nicotine experience without the harmful effects of smoking to revolutionise the smoking industry, one pouch at a time.


Our nicotine pouches help people quit smoking and provide a safer, better and altogether more convenient alternative to the conventional tobacco products available in the market.


Try our pouches today and experience the future of nicotine consumption! 

women holding a nicotine pouch in hand
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